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Sino-Egyptian Joint Program Starts in Southwest University
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Sept. 10—the opening ceremony of the "2+1+1" undergraduate credit program by Ain Shams University (ASU), Egypt, and Southwest University (SWU), China, was held in International College (IC). Prof. Wang Jing, dean of IC, and all the program teachers, teaching secretaries and students of the program attended the opening ceremony.

Prof. Wang briefly introduced Chongqing, a city of mountains and rivers, and the history and status quo of international education in SWU, especially the colorful cultural activities for international students. She hoped that all the students would adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, cherish the precious opportunity of studying in the SWU, actively participate in all kinds of campus activities and make more Chinese friends and improve Chinese proficiency.

Dr. Xia Xiaoyan and Ms Feng Xue, as representatives of teachers, expressed their warm welcome and best wishes for the students. As an Egyptian student representative, He Qinyi said it was a rare opportunity to be a student in SWU, China, and she would try to be an excellent translator in the future.

The program aims to enable more Egyptian students to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture. After completion of their first two year’s study, 17 senior students joint the program.