Study at Southwest University
A Delegation from University of Southern Indiana (USI) Visited International College
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On September 25, a delegation including Dr. Silvia Anna Rode, Chair of the School of World language and Culture, and Ms. Melinda R. Roberts, assistant dean of the College of Liberal Arts visited International College (IC), accompanied by relevant personnel from the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges of SWU. Li Hang, the deputy dean of IC and Li Linze, head of the International Student Admission Office met with the visiting delegation.

After a brief introduction of the two universities and the history of cooperation between the two, the two sides addressed on three issues, teaching practice of MTCSOL students in SIU, SIU short term visit-study student group to SWU and international summer camp participation. The two sides are full of confidence in expanding and deepening the cooperation and exchanges between the two universities and hope to start project cooperation as soon as possible.

SWU and USI have a long history of cooperation in student exchange, short-term groups and so on. The purpose of this visit is to promote further cooperation and exchanges between the two universities.