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All international students,

 As winter vacation is around the corner, in order to have a happy and safe vacation, please pay attention to the following matters:

1. Winter vacation begins on July 20 and ends on February 28. The registration time for new semester is February 25-26. Those who study in International College will begin their class on February 29.

2. Students who plan to go home or go traveling must pay attention to the safety of your properties (passport, cash, airplane ticket or train ticket etc.). For students who plan to stay on campus during the vacation, please don’t take any strangers into your room, and please remember to lock your room up when you are out. Please return to the dormitory before 12 PM.

3. Do strictly obey regulations of Ziyun Building and International Students’ Dormitory and do not cook or use electric stove in your room.

4. Observe all the safely measures when using electrical apparatus in public kitchen. Turn off electricity and gas when you leave your house or before going to bed. Do not remove or damage the fire hose and other fire-fighting equipment. Do not block the fire department use only passage.

5. Observe laws and regulations of China and Southwest University. Maintain the university image, and do not destroy the reputation of Southwest University.

6. Please pay attention to your personal and property security when you go out or return to campus. Do not go out alone or with people who are not your acquaintances or friends. Do not pay a visit to the place where is not developed. Do not go to the over-crowded places, and avoid stampede. Observe traffic regulations, and avoid damages. Do not take the vehicle driven by persons who possess no operation qualification or driving license. If you and your classmates are going to pay a visit to far places, please inform International College in advance.

7. Arrange your time properly, and use the internet reasonably. Do not download or propagate illegal information. Do not believe or propagate rumor. Pay attention to Internet security and observe Internet morality.

8. If you have any problems, please contact teachers in the Students Affairs Office. The number of information desk in Ziyun Building, International Students’ Dormitory and Nanyuan Dormitory are 68253069, 68293100 and 68251752. Office number of International College is 023-68256342 . Mr. Wang, Mr. Yang and Mr. Lee’s cell phone numbers are 15856027943, 15025356263, 13637989998. You can also dial the number such as 110 for policeman, 119 for Fire Emergency, and 120 for Emergent Medical Care.


International College

January 12, 2016