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All international students:

As New Year’s Day is coming soon, the following safety notice is what we want to remind for a happy and safe holiday:

1. New Year’s Day begins on January 1 and ends on January 3 (three days in total).

2. Observe laws and regulations of China and Southwest University. Behavior that will destroy the reputation of Southwest University is strictly prohibited.

3. Please pay attention to your personal and property security when you go out or return to campus. Do not go out alone or with people who are not your acquaintances or friends. Do not go to the over crowded places, and avoid stampede. Observe traffic regulations, and avoid damages. Do not take the vehicle driven by persons who possess no operation qualification or driving license. If you and your classmates are going to take a far travel, please inform Students’ Affairs Office in advance.

4. Observe the regulations of international students’ dormitory. Return to dorm before 12 pm. Do not cook with electric stove in your room or store flammable and explosive goods in room in case of the fire accident.

5. Students who plan to go home or go traveling must pay attention to the safety of your properties (passport, cash, airplane ticket or train ticket etc.). For students who plan to stay on campus during the holiday, please don’t take any strangers into your room, and please remember to lock your room up when you are out. Please return to the dormitory before the closing time at night.  

6. If you have encountered something emergent, please contact teachers in the Students Affairs Office. Office number is 023-68256342 . Mr. Yang, Mr. Li, and Ms. Chen’s cell phone numbers are 15025356263, 13637989998 and 15826069874. You can also dial the number such as 110 for policeman, 119 for Fire Emergency, and 120 for Emergent Medical Care.

     Happy New Year’s Day!


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December 31, 2015