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A Guide for New International Students at Southwest University
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A Guide for New International Students at Southwest University


1. Transportation

1.1 Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport  >>  SWU

A. Highway shuttle bus (Line 555)

Take No. 555 city bus to Beibei at the “long-distance bus transfer center” out of Gate 3 in    Jiangbei Airport (Ticket fare: RMB12; Time: 45 minutes).

B. Taxi

Please wait in the line for legal taxis and ask for taxi receipt (Fare: RMB100; Time: 40 minutes).

C. Subway

Take Line 3 from Jiangbei Airport to Hongqihegou and transfer to Beibei with Line 6 (Time: 50 minutes).

1.2 Chongqing North (Longtousi) Train Station  >>  SWU

A. Highway shuttle bus (Line 504)

Take No.504 city bus at the exit of the train station and get off at the northern gate of SWU (Ticket fare: RMB10; Time: 50 minutes).

B. Taxi (Fare: RMB80; Time: 40 minutes)

C. Subway

Take Line 3 from Longtousi to Hongqihegou and transfer to Beibei by Line 6 (Time: 50 minutes).

1.3 Chongqing (Caiyuanba) Train Station  >>  SWU

A. Highway shuttle bus (Line 502)

Go through the tunnel near the train station, turn right and walk 12 minutes, or take a taxi to get to the Shangqingsi Bus Stop. Take No.502 highway bus. Get off at the northern gate of SWU (ticket fare: RMB10; Time: 50 minutes).

B. Taxi (Fare: RMB80; Time: 40 minutes)

2. Registration and Pickup Service

2.1 Registration time for the second semester in Academic Year 2013-2014 is from March 5 to March 6. Please do remember to book the tickets in advance according to the foregoing schedule. And if there is any difficulty to register on time, either the email or the fax is required to inform SWU of the reasons of being late and the exact arriving time. Otherwise, you will be regarded as giving up this admission or scholarship.

2.2 Free pickup service is offered to the full Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship students between March 3 to March 6 on the premise of informing us of specified flight or train number together with the detailed arrival time at least 5 days in advance before departure. Those who arrive in Chongqing before or after the registration time can either come to SWU by yourself or choose self-paid pickup service offered by International College. 

2.3 Self-sponsored students can book for the airport or railway station pickup service the same way with scholarship students as well, which, however, should be paid RMB 210. And the pickup fee for exchange students will be charged according to the cooperation agreements.

2.4 Contact information:

   E-mail :

   Fax : +86-23-68253497

   Telephone: +86-23-68254425; +86-23-68256342


3. Reservation and Fees of Accommodation

3.1 Free accommodation will be offered to students with full Chinese Government Scholarship, full Confucius Institute Scholarship and exchange students holding relative inter-university agreements. And there is no need to book the room in advance because room allotting is in the charge of SWU. The earliest date of free check-in is March 3, before which the single room will be charged RMB 80 per day per person and the double room RMB 50 per day per person.

3.2 All the self-sponsored students can either choose the self-paid accommodation in Foreign Students Building or rent inside or outside campus. The fee standard to live in Foreign Students Building is as follows:

    Single room: RMB 7,000 per person per semester; RMB 12,000 per person per year;

    Double room: RMB5,000 per person per semester; RMB 9,000 per person per year;

    And it is also available for fresh students to live temporarily in Foreign Students Building before moving into the rental room, which will be charged RMB 80 per day per person for the single room and RMB 50 per day per person for the double room.

3.3 Those self-sponsored students who want to live in Foreign Students Building should apply in advance with e-mail or fax before February 15 and wait for the reply from International College concerning the number of beds in building. Please download the application form on the website of International College. And anybody who rents house inside or outside campus should get and fill in the application form in Office 309 and register in the local police station with both passport and landlord in 3 days.

3.4 It is necessary for all fresh international students to register temporary accommodation at the reception desk of International College (Ziyun Building) within 24 hours after entry.

4. Medical insurance

4.1 As is regulated by Ministry of Education, the medical insurance within Chinese territory should be bought when foreign students pursue their studies in China.

4.2 Medical insurance of full Chinese Government Students and Confucius Institute Scholarship Student are to be covered by China Scholarship Council and Hanban separately. As for Chongqing Mayor’s Scholarship students, their medical insurance will be deducted from their scholarship and bought by International College all together. As for SWU president scholarship students, their medical insurance is in the charge of International College. And the medical insurance of program students can be either covered or self-paid according to different agreements. And both self-sponsored students and exchange students should pay for the medical insurance when registering.

4.3 The fee standard for medical insurance is as follow:

    RMB 800 per year; RMB 400 half a year; RMB 160 a month;

5. Arrangements and Orientation

Mar.5 - Mar. 6: Registration;

Mar.9 - Mar. 13: Collection of the student’s ID and library cards, application for internet account, taking visa photos; Get familiar with the campus and environment; Physical examination confirmation at Chongqing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; Opening ceremony and orientation for new comers;

Mar. 9: Start classes.

   (Exact time to be informed later)

6. Campus Activities

Apr. 2015: Thailand Songkran Festival;

Apr. 2015: SWU Sports Meeting;

Apr.-May.2015: Visit old people's, home, special school, community and the new countryside Get familiar with the campus and environment;

May. 2015: The Chinese talent show for Confucius Institute Scholarship Student;

May.2015: Chinese culture festival (including the Chinese Star Contest and the Chinese Culture Forum).

Note: Every year SWU arranges a variety of on-campus cultural activities for international students. Please bring your national costumes, flags, handicrafts to promote cultural exchanges.